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  • Medicare Footwear Benefit: Are You Eligible?

    06/26 - IPFH

    If you are a Medicare beneficiary with diabetes that affects your feet, you may be eligible for a pair of therapeutic shoes and/or inserts. Learn more about the benefit here. Print out IPFH's health care professionals article on this topic; ask your doctor if you are eligible and, if so, if he will do the required paperwork.

  • Protect Your Feet While Playing Tennis

    06/24 - IPFH

    Tennis is in the news this week, so it's a good time to brush up on preventive foot health for this and other summer sports. In addition to our article, check out the US Tennis Association's advice--mostly good, but from IPFH's perspective, not enough emphasis on padded socks (not the same as wearing two pairs of socks) and fitting your padded socks, tennis shoes and any insert or orthotic using an integrated approach.

  • Dog Lovers on the Move for their Pets’ Health

    06/19 - IPFH

    The majority of people who walk their dogs regularly might be more motivated to get moving for Fido's benefit than for their own health, says public health researcher Elizabeth Richards, an assistant professor of nursing at Purdue University.  Richards (shown on IPFH's home page) heads up the Dogs PAW study, which evaluates methods to encourage dog owners to walk more often.

    "The motivation is often for their pets' well-being, but owners benefit from the physical exercise, too. And the more we understand this relationship and behavior the better we can help people be more active," Richards says. Whether you walk your dog for his/her health or yours, get moving! To make sure your feet are comfortable when you're doing so, use IPFH's integrated approach to selecting and fitting your footwear.

  • Thinking with your Feet: How Soccer Rewires Your Brain

    06/12 - IPFH

    Neuroscientist and soccer "fanatic" Jeffrey Holt explains how the brain regions devoted to the feet "expand" in soccer players, because the players cannot use their hands during the game. "A remolded cerebral cortex in the minds of the best soccer players is a testament to the incredible plasticity of the human brain and its ability to adapt and learn from new experiences," Holt writes. Just one more reason to appreciate your feet, and take care of them.

  • Most Breast Cancer Patients Not Getting Enough Exercise

    06/10 - IPFH

    "Despite compelling evidence demonstrating the benefits of physical activity after a diagnosis of breast cancer, it is clear that more work needs to be done to promote physical activity in patients with breast cancer, especially among African American women," write the authors of a new study. Researchers assessed pre- and post-diagnosis physical activity levels in more than 1700 women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in North Carolina. Only 35 percent overall met current US physical activity guidelines after their diagnosis, with African American women showing even lower rates. Read more about the benefits of regular exercise for breast cancer survivors here.  IPFH urges women with breast cancer to get active and remain active to improve their quality of life and boost survival. Taking care of your feet will make it easier.

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