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Can a cast be put on if you broke the bone on your foot right above the pinky toe?

Thank you for contacting IPFH. We do not diagnose or offer medical advice on line. The best thing you can do is visit your primary care physician or a foot health professional, assuming you are not already under the care of one. You don't mention whether you have been diagnosed with a broken bone, but if you have, then the doctor who diagnosed you can provide you a treatment plan. If you have not been diagnosed, then it is important for a medical professional to look at the foot and provide a proper diagnosis. Depending on the severity of the condition and the precise location, you may be able to use a walking cast, a healing boot or some other type of offloading device. But that will be the decision of the medical professional, whose advice and recommendations you should follow closely. We hope you will get proper diagnosis and treatment, and that you will soon be back to normal. You can learn more about fractures at our page on the subject.

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