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My partner has a corn on his right foot just below his little toe. It seems a hematoma has formed just below the corn and seems to have started close to the corn. He has pain when walking. Is this serious? Should he attend hospital or his doctor? Also he is diabetic. Thank you.

Thank you for contacting IPFH. We do not make diagnoses or dispense medical advice on line. We would advise your partner to get to his physician or a foot health specialist at his earliest opportunity. If he cannot get a quick appointment with his doctor it would be a good precautionary move to visit the hospital (we always advise being safe and consulting a medical professional over waiting or other approaches that might put someone at risk). We say this because of the pain and your mention that he has diabetes. It is critical for him to take good care of his feet because of the effects that diabetes can have on them (possible neuropathy, reduced blood flow and risk of ulceration). In the meantime, he should stay off the foot as much as possible. We hope he will see a medical professional soon, and that he will very quickly be back to normal.

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