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Why does my calf hurt so much to a point where I could hardly walk when I haven't done anything to trigger the pain?

Thank you for contacting us. IPFH does not diagnose conditions or dispense medical advice on line. Calf pain can have multiple causes, so it is important for you to consult a physician or a foot health professional to help determine what is causing the pain. Once that has been established, he or she can provide you with recommendations for alleviating the pain. Some of the causes of calf pain can be serious, so we would advise you to see a medical professional without delay. You could start with your primary care physician. If you don't have a PCP, then you could go to an urgent care center. Either way, we hope you will do this at your earliest convenience, especially given that this condition is causing you mobility and quality of life issues. We wish you a quick diagnosis and a speedy resolution.

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