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Which product for claw toes that curl under forefoot will provide foot balance?

Thank you for contacting IPFH. We do not diagnose conditions or offer medical advice on line. In your case we would definitely recommend that you consult a foot health professional. He or she can determine if the toes are still able to readjust themselves or if advanced treatment is necessary. If the case is the former, wearing shoes or boots that provide sufficient width in the toe box, and using inserts that help the toes flatten out and spread and that give sufficient support to the metatarsal arch in the forefoot might be recommended. Also padded socks can help protect the tops and the tips of the toes and reduce pain from rubbing and chafing. If your toes are still flexible, changing to footwear with a larger toe box and lower heels can allow the toes to realign themselves and help reduce pressure and pain. If the toes are not flexible, then a medical professional might recommend surgery or other measures to address the condition. You can learn more about this condition by reading our article on hammertoe and claw toe. Whatever the case, we hope you will see a medical professional and that you will soon have a treatment plan to follow.

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