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How can I get relief for my feet due to diabetic neuropathy?

Thank you for contacting IPFH. We do not make diagnoses or recommend treatments on line. The first thing we would suggest, if you are not doing so already, is that you make sure to schedule regular visits with your primary care physician. He or she is a key resource in helping to manage diabetes and monitoring your key signs. The single most important factor in managing your condition is keeping your blood glucose level within the prescribed range, and you should self-monitor that under the guidance and care of your physician. He or she can discuss your neuropathy and can advise you of ways to address the pain and/or other symptoms you are experiencing, and to protect your feet (IPFH recommends the integrated approach to selecting and fitting footwear as an effective means of ensuring foot protection). You should also be getting a regular foot exam when you see him or her (see this link for the importance of receiving foot exams in primary care).  We would recommend that you also place yourself under the regular care of a DPM (podiatrist), who can treat you and provide recommendations for dealing with your neuropathy. Studies have shown that collaborative care with a team of medical professionals is very effective in helping to manage the conditions of people with significant foot issues. The following links can help you learn more about proper foot care for people with diabetes and neuropathy, and there is also a list of foot health resources for people with diabetes:

Again, it is critical for you to have regular exams from a physician, to carefully manage your blood glucose level, and to protect your feet. If you are not seeing a physician and a foot health professional regularly, we would strongly urge you to begin doing so immediately. We wish you the best.

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