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I had fatty pads removed in my foot due to infection and now I have permanent damage and can barely walk without severe pain. I have no cushion anymore and severe scar tissue due to infection. Did doctor do something wrong by not adding cushion back? I can’t do a lot of things I used to because walking hurts now. Thank you.

Thank you for contacting us. IPFH does not provide medical advice on line. We would suggest that you consult with the doctor who did your procedure and ask him/her the question you have posed here. He or she is in the best position to explain any post-operative treatments that might be necessary. Having said that, you might also consult a foot health professional, who can provide you with information on various ways to protect your feet so that you can walk and move around without, or with minimal, pain. Your doctor can help you determine whom to consult, and possibly give you a referral. A foot health professional can help you determine the most effective way to deal with your condition, including procedures as well as non-invasive remedies such as orthotics and padded socks, which can help cushion and protect your feet so that you don't have as much pain. We hope you will consult your doctor and that very quickly you will have an effective resolution to your situation.

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