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Once diagnosed with toenail fungus. Does it last forever or is there a treatment that will cure it? My doctor prescribed ciclopirox gel and terbinafine.

Thank you for contacting IPFH. We do not provide medical advice or diagnose conditions on line. Toenail fungus is not "forever," but it certainly can be difficult to get rid of. Ciclopirox typically is used as a solution applied to the nails and the skin immediately around and below the nails. Terbinafine (frequently sold under the brand name "Lamasil") is used in both topical form and as a systemic anti-fungal treatment that is taken orally. Since your doctor prescribed the ciclopirox as a topical gel, we're guessing that the terbinafine is to be taken orally to fight the fungus systemically. These are two very commonly used medications for your condition, and if you use them and follow his/her instructions conscientiously, there is a very good probability that your fungus will go away. If by chance these medications are not successful, there are other remedies that have proven effective. You can read more about toenail fungal infections at our page on the topic. We hope that this information is helpful, that you will follow your doctor's instructions, and that your condition will soon be resolved.

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