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I'm 60 and I've had a bad leg with a stent in the groin as well as numbness on the shin & top of foot from back issues that I had for many years. Last week I now have the sensation that under my foot at the base of my two toes on the ball of the foot closest to the big toe it feels like the skin in a dollar coin size flops loose when I walk similar to if you had a coin in your sock when you step the coin pulls away & then back as you step down. There is no pain from the area from this issue. My back has issues and I have a nerve blocker in my spinal cord at the neck to control shoulder pain and I'm on opiates to deal with the pain as well. This issue sounds weird I know but I actually check the skin tightness on the spot to make sure it's not loose but that's the sensation I get. Crazy I know. Thanks for the help I'm seeing my cardiovascular doctor soon to rule out any chance of circulation issues.

Thank you for contacting us. IPFH does not diagnose conditions or dispense medical advice on line. You would be best advised to consult a foot health professional. The sensation you describe needs to be assessed as it could interfere with your walking gait. Even though you are not experiencing pain, it is possible that the medications you are taking and/or the numbness from your other issues could be masking the pain. Your primary care physician can refer you to a foot specialist, or you can find a local practitioner by doing an on line search. We hope you will do this soon, and that your condition will quickly be resolved: The sensation you are experiencing is not normal, and needs to be checked out. We wish you the best.

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