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I am looking for advice to treat an internal plantar wart. Are they treated same way as external wart?

Thank your for contacting us. IPFH does not diagnose or recommend medical treatments on line. You can get a quick overview of typical treaments for plantar warts by checking out our article on the subject here: Prevention and Treatment of Plantar Warts. The most common presentation for the warts is flat (most often the wart grows inward, although some warts may have a slightly raised surface). Treatment typically would be the same for both cases.  Sometimes these warts will go away on their own, but they also may linger for extended periods. Your best bet would be to consult your primary care physician, a dermatologist, or a foot health professional. There are a number of over-the-counter medications available, but it is always best to use these under the guidance of a medical professional. A medical professional should always be consulted if you have any other foot conditions; and especially if you have diabetes: NEVER self-medicate or use topical wart treatments. We hope this information is helpful, and that you will seek medical advice and get a quick resolution to this issue.

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