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I had three surgeries on my left ankle because I tore two tendons. After the first surgery I ended up with an infection (which I thought was a boil but it was a terrible infection). I had to have emergency surgery and get a PIC line and everything! But then a year later I had to have a third operation because it became a floating ankle. After my third surgery I have been experiencing cold water sensation on my left foot and then extreme pain. Does anyone know what causes this sensation? Or is it my body trying to tell me something?

Thank you for contacting us. IPFH does not diagnose conditions or provide medical advice on line. We are sorry to hear of your injury, and the accompanying surgeries you had to undergo. You don't say if all three surgeries were performed by the same doctor. If they were, we would recommend that you consult him or her. If they were performed by different doctors, we would recommend that you consult the doctor who performed the most recent surgery. Let him or her know the symptoms you are experiencing, and ask for advice on what to do. Once there is a specific cause identified for the cold and pain sensations you are having, then they can recommend whatever treatment or course of therapy you might need. Alternatively, you might consult your primary care physician and work through him or her to find the source of the pain and understand your treatment options, or get a referral to a specialist who can diagnose and treat you. We hope that you will do this, and that your condition will very soon be resolved.

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