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I have neuropathy in both of my feet. Am I in danger of losing my feet?

Thank you for contacting us. IPFH does not diagnose conditions or provide medical advice on line. The fact that you have neuropathy does not mean that you will lose your feet. However, it is critical that you take good preventive care of them to help ensure that you do not get sores or conditions that can lead to ulceration. Ulcers and amputations are preventable with the proper proactive care, which includes daily visual examinations of your feet, proper hygiene and care, proper footwear selection and fitting, and regular consultation with a physician and a foot care professional. You should consult your primary care physician and see him or her regularly, and to get a referral to a foot care professional who can help you select the right footwear and provide guidance on taking preventive care of your feet. He or she can also provide proper nail care, since it is recommended that you not attempt to cut and manicure your own nails. You can learn more about neuropathy/numbness at our page on the topic, and about selection and fitting of footwear at our article "Integrated Approach to Selecting Padded Socks and Shoes that Fit."  More information on proper hygiene is available at our article entitled "How to Practice Good Foot Hygiene." Please consult your physician and request that he or she work with you to put together a program of preventive care and treatment that can help you manage your condition and help ensure that you maintain a good state of foot health. We wish you the very best.

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