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Cortisone in heel took all pain away from plantar fasciitis. It lasted 2 months. Can I get another cortisone shot again?

Thank you for contacting IPFH. We do not diagnose conditions or dispense medical advice on line. Since you have received a cortisone injection already, you should consult the phyisican who gave you the shot to see how frequently he or she recommends administering the medication. Many physicians recommend no more than one injection for plantar fasciitis. Cortisone is fast-acting and works well to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, but it has some risks and drawbacks. Cortisone can weaken cartilage. It can also weaken tendons and increase the risk of rupture. Another potential negative of cortisone is that it can lead to atrophy of the fat pads of the feet (the heel fat pad is located very close to where the injection is given). In general it is not desirable to use cortisone repeatedly and frequently for these reasons, but each case should be assessed by a medical professional who knows the nature of the injury and the medical history of the patient. There are other less invasive treatments for plantar fasciitis, and you might also ask your physician about those. You can read more about plantar fasciitis and its treatment on our plantar fasciitis foot condition page. We hope you will consult your physician or foot health professional, and that you will soon experience relief from the pain and discomfort of your condition.

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