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I have seen my podiatrist and was diagnosed with a displaced fat pad to my left foot due to a fallen arch and hammertoes. She recommended [a specific brand of] inserts and to wear "neutral" sneakers that are a 1/2 size bigger for a larger toe box. I am a nurse and on my feet for 12 hour shifts. My current work shoes are causing increased pain and wondering what running shoes or other shoe would help? Is there a more aggressive insert I should be looking into to help get the fat pad in a more 'normal' alignment?

Thank you for contacting IPFH. We do not diagnose conditions, dispense medical advice or recommend specific products. Having said that, there are numerous types of inserts/orthotics - both off the shelf and custom-made - that you might try. Your best bet is to consult your podiatrist and let her know that your feet are still hurting, and ask her about other brands of orthotics you might try. Also, you might ask her about custom-made orthotics for your specific situation. Additionally, she should be able to recommend the best shoes for you. You might also consider using clinically tested padded socks, which can help compensate for what is going on with your natural fat pads. We hope you will consult your podiatrist and that she can help direct you to find the right foot gear to help with your pain and discomfort. We wish you the best.

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