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I have a fracture at the base of my small toe. I wear a sock in my boot. Should I also wrap my foot? I am 76.

Thank you for contacting us. IPFH does not diagnose or offer medical advice on line. You should contact a foot care specialist about the toe. You don't mention whether or not you have been "officially" diagnosed with a fracture, but if you have not, then a foot care specialist can do imaging to help find the exact location and severity of the fracture. Once that has been done, he or she can advise you on the best steps to take to promote healing. If you have already been diagnosed with a fracture, you should consult the physician who diagnosed you and have him or her give you advice on what to do to allow the area to heal. You can learn more about fractures at our page on that topic. Meanwhile, we hope you will consult a medical professional and that you will soon be in healing mode.

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