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I have got a throbbing pain in 2 or 3 toes on one foot. I was wondering if you could tell me what it could be?

Thank you for contacting IPFH. We do not diagnose conditions or provide medical advice on line. The pain you describe could be the result of several possible conditions, so it is important that you get it properly diagnosed. This is especially important since you describe it as a fairly significant pain. Consult your primary care physician or a foot health professional, who can help you get a proper diagnosis, and recommend whatever treatment may be appropriate to that diagnosis. You can check our foot pain self-assessment tool to find out a few possible causes of the pain, but please understand that this tool is not meant to be used for diagnosing conditions, nor is it a substitute for a professional medical examination. We hope you will consult a physician, and that your pain will soon be resolved.

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