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Where can I purchase tools to remove corns & fix ingrown toenails?

Thank you for contacting IPFH. We do not endorse or reommend products. We would discourage you from trying to remove corns on your own. Most medical professionals recommend that you NOT use over-the-counter salicylic-acid corn "plasters" or other chemical means of treatment, and you definitely should not cut the corn with a sharp instrument. Because corns are caused by pressure and friction, you might consider purchasing various products over the counter to protect against the friction and rubbing. With this remedy, often they will simply go away. But if you want them removed, we strongly suggest that you consult a foot health professional, and not try to do it yourself. We would give the same advice for ingrown toenails. There are some remedies that you can apply, and you can read more about them at our page "Prevention and Treatment of Ingrown Toenails." If you have infected areas around the toenail, it is best for you to consult a foot health professional, who can treat the condition and administer antibiotics if necessary. In general, the best way to deal with corns, calluses and ingrown toenails is to focus on preventing them. The best way to do this is to make sure that you wear well-designed and fitted footwear. This will help to minimze the occurence of these conditions, and will help keep your feet from developing other foot conditions related to poorly designed and fitted shoes. For more information on proper selection and fitting of footwear, see our article "Integrated Approach to Selecting Padded Socks and Shoes that Fit." We hope this information is helpful to you.

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