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I have a sharp intense pain on the top of my foot. It is about the size of a half dollar and in in a direct line toward the pain area from the big toe. I have had ultra sound, x-rays, finding no results as to what is causing the pain. The pain is sharp and intense for about 3 days and calm with no pain for about 3 days.

Thank you for contacting IPFH. We do not diagnose conditions or recommend treatments on line. You don't mention any trauma to the area that is giving you pain, so presumably that can be ruled out. The fact that x-rays have not shown any condition that might be causing the pain means that there is not a fracture of a bone. The ultrasound likely was ordered to determine if there was a muscle strain or other soft tissue damage in the area. Apparently, nothing of this nature was found, either. Your best bet is to continue to work with your physician or a foot health professional to try to determine the cause of the pain. Since you describe it as intense and of more than a day's duration, it is important to try to get a good diagnosis so you can determine how to treat it. Sometimes pain can occur spontaneously and/or without apparent cause. This type of pain is called "ideopathic" pain. But since there appears to be a discernible pattern, working with your physician, you might be able to associate the pain with certain activities or aspects of your routine that would help him or her pinpoint a cause. You might also have him or her examine the footwear that you use to make sure the issue is not related to certain shoes you might be wearing. We hope you will continue to pursue a solution with a medical professional and that you will soon get a diagnosis and effective treatment.

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