Achilles Tendinitis

Prevention & Treatment of Achilles Tendinitis

Cross-training, stretching and decreasing the intensity of exercise when soreness occurs can help prevent Achilles tendinitis. Because the tendon can weaken with age and become less resilient, eliminating or reducing exercises and activities that involve aggressive running and jumping can help prevent the condition.

Treatment includes rest, icing and anti-inflammatory medication, if tolerated, to relieve pain and decrease swelling. More aggressive treatments include ultrasound, physical therapy, steroid injections and surgery if and when less invasive treatments are not effective.

To help ensure that your feet are optimally protected during activity, IPFH suggests that you wear  properly selected and fitted, as part of an integrated approach, padded socks with shoes with non-slip outsoles and any inserts or orthotics prescribed or recommended by a doctor or foot health professional.

More About Achilles Tendinitis

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