Athleteʹs Foot

Medical Considerations for Athleteʹs Foot

Athleteʹs foot is particularly dangerous for people with diabetes and diabetic foot conditions. That’s because diabetes can cause loss of feeling in the feet, and therefore lack of awareness of a fungal infection. Untreated, the fungus can cause blisters, lesions, open sores and allergic reactions due to the release of proteins into the bloodstream.  In people with diabetes, any lesions in the skin of the feet can worsen over time and become ulcerations.

People with diabetes who contract athleteʹs foot should see their doctor. Always talk to your doctor if you have soreness, pain, redness, swelling or other indications of foot problems that persist for more than a few days.


Reviewed by: Robert P. Thompson, C.Ped, IPFH Scientific Advisory Board
Last updated: June 11, 2015 

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