Causes of Hammertoe

The main cause of hammertoe is poorly fitted and/or poorly designed footwear. Any footwear that is too tight in the toe box, especially high-heeled shoes, can push the toes forward, crowding one or more of them into a space that is not large enough to allow the toes to lie flat and spread as they should. Other causes of hammertoe include the following:

  • Changes in foot anatomy.  Sometimes the metatarsal bones in the ball of the foot can “drop,” creating a situation in which the toes do not make contact with the surface of the shoe.  The toes may then contract at one or both of the joints to re-establish contact with the surface.
  • Traumatic injuries in which toes are jammed or broken.
  • Diabetic neuropathy. This can cause abnormal foot biomechanics due to nerve and/or muscle damage.
  • Damage to nerves and muscles from other conditions, such as arthritis or stroke.
  • Heredity.

More About Hammertoe

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