Medical Considerations for Strains

Depending on the severity of the strain or tear, it may be necessary to see your doctor. An Achilles tendon strain can weaken the tendon and cause a rupture or complete break in the tendon, which you want to avoid at all costs. See your doctor, as a precaution, for any pain in the Achilles area.

Also see your doctor if:

  •     Pain and/or swelling do not begin to subside after about a week or if you have difficulty moving the affected muscle or tendon.
  •     You have pain in the inside ankle area, since it may be a sign of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.
  •     You have soreness, pain, redness, swelling or other indications of foot problems that persist for more than a few days.


Reviewed by: Robert P. Thompson, C.Ped, IPFH Scientific Advisory Board
Last updated: July 6, 2015 

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