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  • Forty is Not Too Old to Start, Benefit from Endurance Training

    05/15 - IPFH

    Endurance exercise reduces heart risk even if you start over age 40, according to a new study (see abstract P550). Researchers compared runners/cyclists ages 55-70 who started their activity around age 30 or after age 40. Both groups had the same heart-healthy benefits compared with their peers who did not regularly engage in endurance training. But there's no need to do high level training for many hours a week, the study authors agreed. Using the stairs rather than the elevator, or gardening regularly, can also be beneficial. IPFH notes that ensuring you have the appropriate footwear and the right fit can make it easier for you to start and continue your activity of choice.

  • Even Light Activity Can Lower Your Risk of Disability

    05/8 - IPFH

    Engaging in light activity such as pushing a shopping cart or vacuuming the house can substantially reduce your risk of developing a disability that keeps you from functioning optimally, according to a new study. Researchers followed close to 1600 men and women ages 49 and over, all of whom had knee osteoarthritis or were at risk for developing it, for two years. The more time participants spent doing light physical activity daily, the lower their risk of becoming disabled--i.e., not being able to do daily activities such as bathing and dressing--or having their arthritis progress, even if the intensity of the physical activity didn't change. IPFH suggests taking care of your feet as you become more active and wearing the right footwear. Doing so will make moving around easier and more comfortable, no matter what you do.

  • Bobcats’ Al Jefferson Suffers Painful Foot Injury in Game 1 of NBA Playoff

    04/22 - IPFH

    Charlotte Bobcats' center Al Jefferson was diagnosed with a strained plantar fascia (connective tissue on the bottom of the foot) on Sunday during the first game of an opening-round NBA playoff series. While not the same as plantar fasciitis, which is an inflammation of the plantar fascia, the injury was painful and required two painkiller injections. Jefferson is wearing a walking boot but says he intends to play in Game 2 on Wednesday night.

  • Virtual Environment Helps People Better Manage Diabetes

    04/15 - IPFH

    Participating in a virtual community can help people with diabetes better manage their own care, according to a new pilot study. Self-efficacy, social support, and foot care showed significant improvement in the 20 participants (average age 54), who visited the virtual community for about 2.5 hours weekly for six months. IPFH applauds innovative evidence-based efforts to help people with diabetes take better care of their feet and overall health. Learn more about caring for the diabetic foot here.

  • IPFH Founder Named 2014 ICAA INSPIRE Award Recipient

    04/14 - IPFH

    IPFH Founder Jim Throneburg was recently named recipient of the ICAA INSPIRE award from the International Council on Active Aging. The award recognizes individuals or organizations for their exceptional and lasting contributions to the active-aging industry, and to improving the lives of older adults. "Helping people whose feet hurt ... means providing education--to both consumers and healthcare professionals," Throneburg says. "To this end, I founded the nonprofit Institute for Preventive Foot Health. IPFH strives to raise awareness about the importance of feet to mobility and overall function, both of which are key to healthy, active aging."

    An in-depth profile of the visionary leader will appear in ICAA's flagship publication, the Journal on Active Aging®, in 2014.

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