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  • Diet and Exercise Can Literally Save Your Life If You’re at Risk for Diabetes

    04/8 - IPFH

    Lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise have been proven to lower the risk of death from heart disease and other causes in people at risk for diabetes, according to a new study. Close to 600 people in China participated in a randomized, controlled trial comparing diet and exercise to education about diabetes for six years. They were then followed for 23 years. Those who made lifestyle changes had "significantly reduced death rates" from heart disease and other causes. "It's never too late to start eating right and becoming active, especially if you're at risk for a chronic illness," says IPFH Executive Director Robert (Bob) P. Thompson, CPed. "Remember that your feet are the foundation of your mobility. Take care of them, and they'll help take care of you."

  • Wash Socks in Very Hot Water to Kill Athlete’s Foot Fungus

    03/31 - IPFH

    As warmer weather approaches, it's especially important to steer clear of athlete's foot and other fungal infections that affect the feet. In addition to the usual precautions, be sure to wash all your socks in very hot water, above 140 degrees F; otherwise, a fungus can survive the washing process and reinfect you or infect anyone else whose laundry is in the same wash load. In a recent study, researchers sampled 81 socks worn by people with athlete's foot and washed the socks firsts at 104 degrees and then at 140 degrees.They found that 36% of the socks washed at 104 degrees tested positive for live fungal cultures of Aspergillus, a type of mold linked to toenail fungus. Only 6% of the socks washed at 140 degrees still contained Aspergillus. Athlete’s foot fungus, Trichophyton rubrum, was found on four socks washed at 104 degrees, but no socks washed at 140..

  • LazyBones Video Urges Families to “Get up! Get out! Get Moving!”

    03/25 - IPFH

     "Throughout America, entire families are backsliding. We're no longer sedentary, we're stationary. And that's bad news for your bones," warns the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS). Watch the video. If you recognize yourself or your family, follow the AAOS advice to "Get up! Get out! Get Moving!" Of course, taking care of your feet will make moving easier. (Feature photo: screen grab from LazyBones video)

  • Take the ADA’s Diabetes Risk Test

    03/24 - IPFH

    March 25 is the American Diabetes Association Alert Day®--a one-day "wake-up call" asking people to take a Diabetes Risk Test to find out if they are likely to develop type 2 diabetes.For every test taken through April 25, 2014, Boar’s Head Brand® will donate $5 to the American Diabetes Association, up to $50,000. The ADA alert day web page offers downloadable fact sheets and other information for individuals and organizations. Diabetes is a major risk factor for our feet, and is responsible for foot ulcers and amputations. Learn how to protect your feet if you have diabetes here.

  • Runway Model Kate Peck Reveals “Battered” Feet at Barefoot Party

    03/13 - IPFH

    Glamour can take a toll. The photo shows bruised, battered, blistered feet with bandaged toes, and. Australia's "Daily Telegraph" asks readers: Can you name the owner of these celebrity feet which have endured signifcant pain? The "battle scars" are attributed to Peck's years on the runway.--but they could just as easily be the feet of many women who wear ill-fitting shoes, especially high heels.Take care of your feet before they show signs of wear and tear.

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