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  • Post-traumatic OA in the Military

    08/16 - IPFH

    An infomative article in the July issue of Lower Extremity Reviews covers causes and potential therapies for post-traumatic osteoarthritis (PTOA), which is affecting a growing number of young people in the military and is responsible for high rates of ankle and knee problems. The authors call for more research to minimize the disability associated with PTOA. Learn more here about caring for your feet if you have arthritis.

  • 3 D Printing for Orthotics

    08/13 - IPFH

    Lower Extremity Reviews magazine reports on the use of 3D printing technology to produce custom orthotics. A speaker at the recent Orthotics Technology Forum says this is the future of orthotic design. IPFH Executive Director Robert (Bob) Thompson, CPed, agrees that the technology has promise and could eventually make it easier for more people to benefit from custom orthotics, which could mean better foot health and better footwear fitting.

  • Rise in Skin Temperature Predicts Foot Ulceration

    08/10 - IPFH

    An increase in skin temperature on one foot compared with the same spot on the other foot predicts the development of a foot ulceration in people with diabetic neuropathy, according to an article published August 7 in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research.


    IPFH Executive Director Robert (Bob) Thompson, CPed, comments: "A foot ulcer is among the most serious consequences of diabetes, since it is a major cause of amputation. Any sign that can indicates an ulcer may occur is good because the person can take preventive steps in consultation with his or her physician." Learn more here about caring for your feet if you have diabetes.

  • Movement as Medicine for Parkinson’s

    08/10 - IPFH

    This recent article on the benefits of dance for people with Parkinson's disease continues to generate comments online. This is no surprise to IPFH Executive Director Robert (Bob) Thompson. "Physical activity is a cornerstone of both disease prevention and management,"Thompson says. "It's heartening to see that simple movements can bring joy and symptom relief to people suffering from this degenerative disease. This is why we at IPFH encourage everyone, regardless of age or physical condition, to take care of their feet, which are the foundation for mobility." Learn more about the importance of preventive foot health at

  • Oldest hip hop crew moving and grooving

    08/9 - IPFH

    You're never too old to get your groove on! This hip hop crew, which is competing in an international hip hop event in Las Vegas, is made up mainly of people in their 80s and 90s. IPFH Executive Director Robert (Bob) Thompson, CPed, commented: "To stay active at every age, you've got to take care of your feet. IPFH offers tips for good foot hygiene and other vital information in the Foot Care Essentials section of"

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