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  • Cures for Common Foot Problems, Without Surgery

    08/15 - Angela Chen - Wall Street Journal

    IPFH Scientific Advisory Board Member Dr. Rock Positano and other foot experts tell WSJ that foot surgeries are not always needed, explain why, and discuss alternatives.

  • Proper Foot Care, Daily Foot Checks Essential to Diabetic Health

    08/15 - Regina Schaffer - Healio EndocrineToday

    Healio's EndocrineToday covers IPFH Executive Director Bob Thompson's presentation to the American Association of Diabetes Educators at their 2015 Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

  • IPFH Preventive Foot Health Awareness Initiatives recognized by SoHealthy Europe

    05/15 - SoHealthy -

    SoHealthy Europe has recognized IPFH’s recent initiatives to raise awareness among health care professionals of the importance of foot exams and other preventive foot health measures. SoHealthy is an IPFH educational partner whose mission is to enhance cooperation between European and Mediterranean countries in the creation of a footcare sector network to focus on foot problems associated with diabetes, obesity and aging.

  • IPFH Scientific Advisory Board Member’s Article Featured on

    04/15 - Lori Weisenfeld, DPM -

    An article by IPFH Scientific Advisory Board member Lori Weisenfeld, DPM, about the importance of foot exams was published on KevinMD was recently named the top social media influencer in health and medicine.

  • IPFH Scientific Advisory Board Member’s Article Featured in Primary Care Progress

    03/15 - Lori Weisenfeld, DPM - "Progress Notes," the blog of Primary Care Progress

    Dr. Lori Weisenfeld's article, entitled "Don't Forget The Feet: The Importance Of Foot Exams In Primary Care," is featured in the Primary Care Progress Blog, "Progress Notes," of March 26, 2015. Primary Care Progress is a nonprofit organization that works to revitalize the primary care system and address the national shortage of primary care providers and leaders. PCP works directly with health care students and trainees across the country to promote leadership, innovation, and advocacy in primary care. Dr. Weisenfeld's article focuses on the important role primary care providers can play in helping to identify not only foot problems, but also systemic conditions that can be detected by examining the feet.

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