Get Ready to Explore the Magic of the Outdoors



Clothing (appropriate to season / climate)

_ Underwear (several pairs)

_ Convertible pants (long pants that have legs that zip off, converting them into shorts)

_ Under layer shirts (short sleeve)                  

_ Under layer shirts (long sleeve)

_ Under layer pants (long)

_ Padded socks (at least one pair per day)

_ Boots / hiking shoes

_ Outer layer jacket

_ Outer layer pullover

_ Rain gear (jacket, pants)

_ Beanie or toboggan

_ Gloves (if necessary)

_  Hat

_ Sunglasses


_ Pack

_ Tent / footprint or rain fly, or hammock

_ Sleeping bag

_ Sleeping pad

_ Head lamp

_ Flashlight(s)

_ Stove and fuel

_ Cooking gear appropriate for the foods I’ll be preparing

_ Eating utensils

_ Cleaning pad for eating utensils and cooking gear

_ Stuffsack(s)

_ Trekking poles

_ Canteen(s)

_ Water filter / purification device

_ Water bladder


_ Matches / firestarters

_ Paper towels

_ Toilet paper

_ Sun screen

_ Insect repellant

_ First aid kit

_ Trash bag (always carry your trash back out – never leave it where you camp or hike)

_ Nylon cord

_ Toiletries

_ Light Towel

_ Wipes / hand sanitizer

_ Compass / navigational aids including maps or GPS

_ Whistle (for communicating possible danger or if lost)

Food – I carefully plan the amount I’ll need for meals and for eating along the trail. I like high carbohydrate foods for the trail, and meals are whatever I feel like having. It can be simple or complex because of all the options there are for camp food. I prefer simple.

Water – Because water is heavy to carry, I use a good, reliable purification device. I also check my route in advance to see where water is available, and carry only what I need for a day of hiking (typically around 4 liters a day, depending on the terrain and climate). I typically drink a lot of water, so I plan accordingly.

Check this link for information about foot health for hiking and backpacking. Also, I often refer both novice and experienced backpackers to an excellent resource,

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