In 1989, the first study using a specific type of padded sock was published. That study documented the benefits of those padded socks in reducing pressure in the insensitive diabetic foot. This research was followed by seven other key studies that confirmed the benefits of these particular padded socks for preventing blisters, reducing pressure and pain, and enhancing circulation. These studies are summarized below.

IPFH now refers to the padded socks, donated by Thorlo that were used in these pivotal studies, as clinically-tested padded socks. The Institute continues to fund and sponsor research that enables us to learn more about the feet and footwear for both preventive and therapeutic purposes.

Tim Blackmore, David Jessop, Stewart Bruce-Low, Joanna Scurr; Published in Journal of Clinical Biomechanics, 28 (7) August, 2013.

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