Studies of Experimental Hosiery in Diabetic Neuropathic Patients with High Foot Pressures

Four patients with Type 1 diabetes and six patients with Type 2 diabetes (both groups had diminished sensation in their feet) participated in a longitudinal test of clinically-tested padded socks. Six of the patients had histories of prior ulceration. Diaries of padded sock wear were kept by participants, and dynamic pressure measurements using a pedobarograph were taken at inception, and at three months and six months after inception.

In the study population, the results were as follows:

  • Pressure stress on diabetic neuropathic feet was reduced. Clinically-tested padded socks reduced peak foot pressures by 31 percent at base line.
  • After six months of use, the products still reduced peak foot pressure by 17 percent.

Conclusion: The combination of clinically-tested padded socks and "sensible" depth shoes may be of a low-cost option in the care of the diabetic foot.

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