Use of Experimental Padded Hosiery to Reduce Abnormal Foot Pressures in Diabetic Neuropathy

Twenty-seven patients (fifteen men and twelve women) with diabetes and abnormal plantar pressures, ranging in age from 26 to 78 years, took part in the study. The objective was to define effective strategies to protect the high-risk diabetic foot from ulceration and amputation.

In the study population, the results were as follows:

  • Pressure and shear force were identified as key factors in the development of foot ulcers.
  • A significant reduction in both peak pressure and pressure over time was shown in the population wearing the clinically-tested padded socks, fitted properly with shoes.
  • A significant reduction in dynamic foot pressure was demonstrated in participants wearing the clinically-tested padded socks.

Conclusion: Clinically-tested padded socks are a useful, acceptable method for protecting the insensitive foot from abnormal pressures (which is the cause of most foot pathologies).

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