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Have a corn on a hammer toe, next to big toe right foot. Went to Podiatrist last week and he did not remove corn and not sure why. Would most doctors have tried to remove a corn like that? Corn hurts but mostly depends on shoes I wear; the softer top the better.

Thank your for contacting IPFH. We do not provide medical advice on line. Certainly we also would not second-guess a medical professional who has examined and treated you. The best thing for you to do to determine exactly why he did not remove the corn is to ask him. When working with a medical professional, it is always best to ask questions, especially if you do not understand the diagnosis or the recommended treatment. Good medical professionals encourage their patients to ask questions, as two-way communication helps them to be more effective in treating you. We would encourage you to contact the office of your podiatrist and pose the question. We feel sure they would gladly provide you any information you might request about the treatment you received.

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