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  • IPFH Scientific Advisory Board Member Quoted in New York Post Article

    11/17 - Molly Shea - New York Post

    Dr. Rock Positano, Director of the Non-surgical Foot and Ankle Service at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York and IPFH Scientific Advisory Board member, was quoted in a recent article about women receiving toe reduction surgery in order to fit into fashion footwear. Dr. Positano strongly advises alternatives to surgery, including roomier footwear. He also warns that opting for surgery can lead to weight gain and restlessness thanks to the weeks or months of recovery time spent in a wheelchair, and, if complications arise, a total lifestyle shift.

  • IPFH is Source for Buzzfeed Article

    10/17 - Hilary Mitchell - Buzzfeed

    The article, entitled "23 Brutally Honest Confessions From A Foot Doctor," gives inside information from a podiatrist about the state of people's feet. IPFH is used as a key source for information about ingrown toenails.

  • IPFH Scienctific Advisory Board Member Co-authors Foot Pain Study

    09/17 - Dufour, - Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association

    Dr. Rock Positano co-authored the cross sectional analysis, which examines 2,181 participants in the Framingham Foot Study. In the analysis it was found that for both men and women, bilateral foot pain was associated with increased odds of knee pain on any side. Men with foot pain were more likely to have ipsilateral hip pain, but women with bilateral foot pain were more likely to have hip pain on any side.

  • IPFH Scienctific Advisory Board Member Profiled in “Building NY: NY Stories”

    09/17 - CUNY TV

    IPFH Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Rock Positano is profiled in this season's "Building New York-New York Life Stories." Episode 1 airs September 25, and Episode 2 follows on October 1, 2017. The show debuted in March, 2006, airing in New York City on CUNY TV, and profiles the lives of individuals who have had an impact on the business and community affairs of the tri-state region.

  • IPFH Scienctific Advisory Board Member Publishes Book on Joe DiMaggio

    05/17 - Dr. Rock Positano - Simon & Schuster

    IPFH Scientific Advisory Board member Rock Positano, DPM, MSc, MPH, has co-authored, with his brother, John Positano, a new book about Joe DiMaggio entitled "Dinner with DiMaggio." The beloved Hall of Fame baseball player, affectionately known as the "Yankee Clipper" and "Joltin' Joe," is remembered by one of the few who really knew the man behind the legend, and includes candid and little-known stories about DiMaggio and other icons of his era. Dr. Positano was DiMaggio's closest confidante in New York during the final years of his life, and the baseball star's unsuccessful heel spur surgery inspired him to pursue and develop preventive and non-surgical protocols for treating foot conditions. The book is available at major book stores and on line booksellers.

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