Welcome to the Caregivers section of our site. The number of people caring for family members with chronic conditions has risen dramatically in recent years. Much of this “informal” caregiving centers on ensuring that aging parents take their medicines as prescribed, follow special diets if needed, and see their doctors regularly. However, it increasingly includes encouraging older family members to stay as active as possible to help maintain mobility and function and prevent further deterioration—and this means making sure that their feet are as healthy and pain-free as possible.

In this section, IPFH provides family members with information on how to care for someone else’s feet—the basics, what to do and not do, and signs and symptoms that may require a visit to a doctor or foot-health professional. For information on specific foot conditions—including those especially relevant for people with diabetes and/or arthritis—visit our Foot Conditions section. Tips on caring for children’s feet are included in the Foot Care Essentials section.

Caring for someone with a chronic condition generally involves multiple tasks,…

Individuals with diabetes and…

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