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I'm having pain on dorsum of my feet...visible swelling is present that is tender to touch. Pain is worse at night and in the early morning. Walking also aggravates it. Pain killers are a temporary relief. I am age 55. What can be the possible causes?

Thank you for contacting us.  If you use the IPFH web site’s foot pain self-assessment tool, it will tell you that pain in the dorsal area is often a result of a fracture, a strain, or a sprain (or, less frequently, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction).   This tool, however, only suggests the most likely sources of the pain, and is not meant to be a diagnostic medium (IPFH does not diagnose or provide therapeutic recommendations under any circumstances).  You should see a physician or a foot health professional as quickly as possible.  Pain and swelling are certainly not normal conditions for your feet, and only a professional practitioner can diagnose you and suggest proper treatment, including possible medication and physical remedies. We wish you a rapid end to your pain.

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