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I've had 3 separate occurrences of spontaneous bruising of my right foot. It starts with a feeling of standing on a large rock, with hard swelling on the bottom of my foot, and turns into a large area of bruising, encompassing the side and top of the foot. Also, almost complete numbness of 1/3 to 1/2 of the foot (both top & bottom), including the toes. Different types of shoes have been worn prior to each occurrence. An MRI and x-rays of the original occurrence were negative.

Thank you for contacting us.  As we often note, IPFH does not diagnose or provide therapeutic recommendations.  You should see your physician or a foot care specialist immediately to get a diagnosis and treatment for your issues.  Bruising is nearly always a sign of some sort of trauma to the feet.  The numbness is definitely not normal and could be a sign of nerve damage or other serious issues; therefore we strongly urge you to see a physician without delay.  Although it sounds as though you may already have consulted a physician since you mention having had x-rays and MRI’s, if he or she has not been able to help you, it would be best to consult a foot specialist such as a doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM) or an orthopaedic physician who specializes in the foot and ankle.  What you also may want to do is to see a foot care professional who can assess your standing, walking and/or running biomechanics in case there is an issue specific to your gait or your foot structure.  Be sure to mention and, if possible, take along with you, the footwear you have been using prior to each incident.  We hope you will find relief quickly, and again, we urge you not to delay in seeking professional medical help.

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