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What are some options for foot pain management?

Thank you for contacting IPFH. We do not diagnose conditions or recommend medical treatments on line. If you are experiencing recurrent pain in your feet, the first thing you should do (if you have not already) is to consult a medical professional. This might be your primary care physician or a foot health professional. He or she can help determine the cause of the pain and recommend proper treatment for that condition as well as remedies to deal with the pain itself. This is important, because there are multiple causes for foot pain, some of which are serious and which need to be assessed by a medical professional.

Having said that, there are some effective ways to deal with generalized foot pain and soreness. These include being sure to use proper body mechanics for any activity you may be doing, avoiding high-impact activities (such as running) on hard surfaces, and wearing the appropriate footwear for your activity. IPFH also recommends wearing padded socks, shoes, and orthotics (as necessary and/or prescribed by a doctor or foot health professional) as part of an integrated approach to footwear selection and fitting. You can learn more about causes and remedies for foot pain and soreness at our page on the subject. We hope this is helpful, and that you will consult a medical professional at your earliest opportunity, since foot pain can negatively affect your work, your play and your overall quality of life.

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