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My granny has overweight feet but no pain. What might be the problem?

Thank you for contacting IPFH. We do not diagnose conditions or provide medical advice on line. We could interpret your question in several ways - either that her feet are swollen, or that she is overweight. Either way she is not experiencing pain. If her feet are swollen and there is no specific reason that is apparent, we would suggest she visit her primary care physician or a foot health specialist. Either of these medical professionals can help determine what might be causing the condition and then provide advice on what to do. If you are saying she is overweight, but has no foot pain, you can learn more about the effects of being overweight on the feet, and share that information with her. Either way, it sounds to us as if she would benefit from a visit to a medical professional, so we would encourage her to do that, and we would encourage you to suggest to her that she should consult a medical professional. We hope she will do this, and that she will quickly get a resolution to her condition.

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