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My calves and front tendons hurt very bad. Have not strained them from exercise. They are getting worse over time.

Thank you for contacting IPFH. We do not diagnose conditions or make treatment recommendations on line. We would strongly advise you to consult your primary care physician, and at your earliest opportunity, since you mention that the pain has gotten worse over time. We suggest your primary care physician as a first step, since calf pain can be caused not only by muscular, tendon or other soft tissue problems, but also by systemic issues that may need to be addressed. This type of pain is not normal, and it is important that you get diagnosed and receive any treatments that might be appropriate based on a formal diagnosis. You can learn more about calf pain at our article on the topic, but please consult a medical professional soon so that he or she can help you address your condition and manage the pain you are in. We wish you the best.

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