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Since 2012, I’ve experienced periods usually lasting several months where I wake up at night with severe pain in my both of my big toes. The pain starts at the base of the nail bed and extends the length of the nail bed. Sometimes it’s so painful the weight of the blanket hurts. During these periods, I notice neither nail grows. The 8 little toenails will grow and need routine clipping, but 2 big toe nails don’t grow. Eventually they start growing again but when they do, there’s a large horizontal ridge across each nail. During these periods, I soak in Epsom salt bath nightly. There isn’t any discoloration. I've been to the doctor who says there’s no infection and no fungus. What could cause this? How can I prevent it from happening?

Thank you for contacting IPFH. We do not diagnose conditions or provide medical advice on line. If the doctor that you have already consulted is not a foot health professional, you would be best advised to consult a specialist such as a podiatrist. He or she can help determine what is causing the pain and the lack of nail growth. Once that has been determined, he or she can advise you on appropriate treatments. We hope you will consult a foot health professional, and that your condition will soon be resolved.

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