Calluses and Corns

Causes of Calluses and Corns

During walking and other activities, the feet are exposed to stress and trauma, largely because of poorly designed and fitted shoes and the inherent problem of a dynamic (moving) foot in a static shoe. A callus is created as part of the body’s effort to protect the skin from the repetitive pressure and shear forces between certain areas of the dynamic foot and the static shoe.

Foot anomalies also create pressure points that contribute to the formation of calluses. For example, hammer toes expose the skin on the top of the toes to pressure and friction, and bunions expose the skin to pressure and rubbing in the protruding area.

If you have gait issues (abnormal movements or lack of coordination in movements) when walking or running, you may be especially prone to calluses and should see your doctor.

Everyone’s risk of developing calluses increases with participation in vigorous activities such as running, tennis, basketball, hiking and other activities.

More About Calluses and Corns

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