Cosmetic Foot Surgery:  If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit—Why Try to Wear It?


Injectable Fillers (Foot Tuck or Loub Job)

Injectable fillers with active ingredients like collagen, hyaluronic acid or poly-L lactic acid can be used to augment the fat pads of the feet. This procedure has been dubbed the “Loub job” because women ask for it so they can more comfortably wear Christian Louboutin shoes.

Fat Pad Augmentation

Fat may be removed from a patient’s abdomen and injected into the balls of the feet to provide cushioning when wearing high heels.

Toe Shortening (Perfect 10) and Toe Lengthening (Model T)

In order to fit into those pointy-toed high heels, some women seek toe shortening or lengthening. Toes are shortened by removing an entire knuckle of the toe, then pinning the bones back together. Toes are lengthened by cutting the bone and then stretching it or fusing in an implant.


For those who feel their toes are too fat, there is liposuction.

Foot Narrowing and “Bunionplasty”

Women often undergo bunion surgery (bunionplasty) solely to wear high heels. The mis-aligned bone is repositioned so it’s in proper alignment, then the incision is closed in such a way as to minimize scarring.  To narrow the foot, bunions on both sides of the feet may be corrected—sometimes before any deformity occurs.

Toe Removal

This involves removing or altering the pinky toe to fit into pointy-toes shoes. Many doctors will not perform this procedure, but apparently there are some who will.



The Institute for Preventive Foot Health agrees with the positions of  both the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons and the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society. IPFH believes that any surgery that doesn’t address specific conditions that negatively impact mobility should be performed only on the advice of a credentialed foot health professional [link] and with a complete understanding of the risks inherent in such a surgical event.  We encourage consultation with other practitioners as appropriate and recommend obtaining a second opinion before making any final decision. Cosmetic surgery is a personal choice. If you choose to have cosmetic foot surgery, be sure to research the topic thoroughly so you can make an informed decision.​


—Patty Boyd, IPFH Roving Reporter

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