Heel Pain

Prevention and Treatment of Heel Pain

Prevention and treatment of heel pain generally involves identifying and managing the underlying cause (see Causes section). Conservative treatment for most conditions may involve anti-inflammatories, inserts or orthotics or physical therapy, again, depending on the cause. Surgery might be needed to remove a heel spur, for example, or a bursa that is causing pain.

If heel pain is due mainly to high-impact activities, the right footwear can often reduce pain or eliminate it altogether. This includes shoes/sneakers that are appropriate for the activity, padded socks with extra cushioning in the heel area. Treatment may also include the use of heel pads in the shoe to further cushion the heel, and any other insert or orthotic recommended by a foot health professional.

Properly fitted together, using our integrated approach, your footwear can help protect your heel—and the rest of your foot—from shear forces that can cause pain. In addition, consider cutting back on your high-impact activity or at least alternating it with something that’s lower impact. Be sure to warm up appropriately before engaging in any type of exercise to help avoid sprains or strains.

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