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  • IPFH Scienctific Advisory Board Member Publishes Book on Joe DiMaggio

    05/17 - Dr. Rock Positano - Simon & Schuster

    IPFH Scientific Advisory Board member Rock Positano, DPM, MSc, MPH, has co-authored, with his brother, John Positano, a new book about Joe DiMaggio entitled "Dinner with DiMaggio." The beloved Hall of Fame baseball player, affectionately known as the "Yankee Clipper" and "Joltin' Joe," is remembered by one of the few who really knew the man behind the legend, and includes candid and little-known stories about DiMaggio and other icons of his era. Dr. Positano was DiMaggio's closest confidante in New York during the final years of his life, and the baseball star's unsuccessful heel spur surgery inspired him to pursue and develop preventive and non-surgical protocols for treating foot conditions. The book is available at major book stores and on line booksellers.

  • IPFH Scientific Advisory Board Member Provides Commentary on New Study on Foot Ulcers in Veterans

    12/16 - Brennan, - Endocrine Today

    IPFH Scientific Advisory Board member Stuart Tucker, MD, provided commentary and perspective on a retrospective study that concluded that in veterans with type 2 diabetes, developing a severe foot ulcer is associated with mortality, even after adjusting for known vascular disease and other comorbidities.

  • IPFH Executive Director Talks Preventive Foot Health on HOPE TV

    12/16 - Dr. Nerida McKibben - Hope Channel

    Dr. Nerida McKibben, host of "Go Healthy... for Good" on Hope Channel, talks with Bob Thompson, IPFH Executive Director, about preventive foot health and specific tips on how to care for the feet proactively.

  • IPFH Executive Director and Scientific Advisory Board member on Hope Channel

    11/16 - Dr. Nerida McKibben - Hope Channel

    Dr. Nerida McKibben, host of "Go Healthy... for Good" on Hope Channel, talks about limb loss with Chief Medical officer of Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital and member of the IPFH Scientific Advisory Board Dr. Terrence Sheehan. Also, Bob Thompson, IPFH Executive Director, discusses avoiding limb loss in diabetic patients through good preventive foot care practices.

  • IPFH is Primary Source for BuzzFeed Article

    11/16 - Maggy Van Eijk - BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed, a global news and entertainment organization, serves a young, highly engaged audience that consumes video and content with the expectation that it will be relevant and connected to their lives, easily shareable, and globally accessible. This article provides extensive information about toe nails, their care, and things that can go wrong with them, based on information provided by IPFH.

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