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  • IPFH Executive Director and Scientific Advisory Board member on Hope Channel

    11/16 - Dr. Nerida McKibben - Hope Channel

    Dr. Nerida McKibben, host of "Go Healthy... for Good" on Hope Channel, talks about limb loss with Chief Medical officer of Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital and member of the IPFH Scientific Advisory Board Dr. Terrence Sheehan. Also, Bob Thompson, IPFH Executive Director, discusses avoiding limb loss in diabetic patients through good preventive foot care practices.

  • IPFH is Primary Source for BuzzFeed Article

    11/16 - Maggy Van Eijk - BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed, a global news and entertainment organization, serves a young, highly engaged audience that consumes video and content with the expectation that it will be relevant and connected to their lives, easily shareable, and globally accessible. This article provides extensive information about toe nails, their care, and things that can go wrong with them, based on information provided by IPFH.

  • IPFH Scientific Advisory Board Member Profiled by Yale School of Public Health

    08/16 - Yale University School of Public Health

    In the article, Dr. Positano reiterates his belief that "surgery should only be undertaken when absolutely necessary," and expresses the hope that his Positano Scholarship Fund will encourage other medical practitioners to prioritize prevention and public health in their practices.

  • IPFH Executive Director Quoted in Lower Extremity Review Article

    06/16 - Shalmali Pal - Lower Extremity Review

    IPFH Executive Director Bob Thompson, in an article on the use of nanotechnology in footwear to address odor and infection-causing microbes, noted that nanotechnology is effective in helping to maintain a healthy environment for the foot inside a shoe, and that nanotech devices tend to be most successful when used as part of a system.

  • Scientific Advisory Board Member’s Article Featured in MediaplanetUSA Amputee Awareness Campaign

    04/16 - Lori S. Weisenfeld, DPM - MediaplanetUSA

    IPFH Scientific Advisory Board Member Dr. Lori S. Weisenfeld's article was featured in the MediaplanetUSA Amputee Awareness campaign. For this campaign, the industry came together to encourage readers to learn about the more than 2 million Americans affected by limb loss as well as to gain valuable information on prevention methods. The campaign was distributed through USA Today on April 29, 2016 and is published online. Dr. Weisenfeld's article focuses on prevention of diabetic foot ulcers.

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